OgreDotNet Requirements        

Requirements to use the OgreDotNet Wrapper

The Ogre Package

Of course, you must have Ogre in order to wrap it using the OgreDotNet wrapper. You don't, however, have to compile Ogre.

OgreDotNet is currently compatible with Ogre 1.2 Release SDK.

Go to the
Ogre3D SDK download page to get the required SDK.

Please visit Installing An SDK - Shoggoth if you need help installing the SDK.

A CVS Client

OgreDotNet is kept in the ogreaddons section of cvs, so download a cvs client.

A Development IDE

You need a C# or VB.NET IDE (VS 2003, VS 2005, Mono, etc.)

A C++ compiler is also required!


SWIG is an automated wrapping program that uses definition scripts to wrap code written in one language for use with another language.

For OgreDotNet, you should get the most recent version (currently 1.3.29) of SWIG for your platform from the SWIG Homepage