Ogre3D Steam Game Sales Chart

Estimated Steam sales of known Ogre3D games according to SteamSpy as of September 15th, 2017.
SteamSpy methodology can be found here.

Please note this is only copies sold on Steam and not other platforms. Sales are estimated and rounded down to prevent chart fluctuations due to margin of error in the estimations. As such sales numbers listed here are probably lower than actual units sold, however they should provide an accurate measurement of the minimum number of games sold.

The rounding is as follows:
Medium number of units owned in the last 2 weeks.
<1,000 rounded down by the hundreds.
<10,000 rounded down by the thousands.
<100,000 rounded down by the 5 thousands.
<200,000 rounded down by the 10 thousands.
<1,000,000 rounded down by the 25 thousands.
>1,000,000 rounded down by the 100 thousands.

I'll try to keep this table updated periodically, if a game is missing please let me know on the forums.


  • *** Denotes large amounts of free gifted copies, a free weekend, or a free to play game.
  • &&& Denotes game that used Ogre3D before switching engines. Update of sales figures stop when the change officially occurs.
  • (EA) = Steam Early Access
  • (F2P) = Free to Play.