Monster oFusion        

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Okay, how to get it workin'?

1. copy monster.program, monster.source into 3dsmax_folder/ogre_azathoth/Media/shaders
2. copy a normal-map (tangent-space - main color is light blue - just like Ogre's stock pics)

and a diffuse-color-map into a place where you can reach them from max easily

(like: 3dsmax_folder/ogre_azathoth/Media/textures)
3. replace 3dsmax_folder/cg.dll with the one of Dagon distrib. - it won't f*ck anything with oFusion or other stuff

just lets you have those #ifdefs and #elifs of the monster shader work fine

(maybe it's just for me, but original cg.dll that was there (perhaps from oFusion?) was 3 years old!)

4. open max, create model, generate mappin'-coords
5. open oFusion/object from menu, check generate tangents
6. set up max 3 omni lights, with fancy colors, set a viewport to OGRE VIEWPORT, and MAKE IT ACTIVE (click on it)
7. open Material Editor, create 1 Ogre Material, then 1 Ogre Technique in that, then 1 Ogre Pass in that

/a bit easier than doing all the stuff oFusion offset tutorial suggests, I think :-)/
8. assign monster as vertex and fragment shader
9. create two texture units, into first goes ya normal-map (with height-map in alpha), second in ya diffuse-map
10. apply material to model, and ENJOY :-)


As a prop of the shader, do not apply it to VERY low-poly models with lights VERY close to surface

you won't get accurate results, and with atten on, it gets worse.

It is meant to be fast, not accurate. For accuracy, a new (much slower) version might be coming.


About monster (how it works, etc) check these links:

Ogre WIKI with slightly older version :

Ogre Forum thread with download link :

I hope it works for ya too.
Tweak what shader does in monster.source , tweak texture scale, etc in shader params from 3dsmax.

Happy tuning, guilderstein.

/And yes, I appereciate feedback :-)/



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