Mogre Wiki Tutorial Framework
This 'mini-framework' is meant to be a common framework for the tutorials. The purpose of this framework is slightly different to the Ogre one, as portability is less of an issue with Mogre than Ogre. Instead the objectives of this tutorials framework are:
  1. To hide the complexity of setting up Mogre away and provide a simple to use starting point to learning Mogre.
  2. To be relatively close to the Ogre tutorials framework so that it's easy to fall back on using the Ogre documentation or tutorials in areas where the Mogre ones are lacking.
  3. To present a simple sample of how one might go about setting up Mogre. Note though that this is probably Not how you would want to set up Mogre under real circumstances. When you are ready for more, you might want to look into the Quickstart Projects to get some ideas about how to compose a game engine with Mogre.


Visual C# 2010 / .NET 4.0
Visual C# 2008 / .NET 2.0-3.5

Visual VB.NET 2010 / .NET 4.0
Visual VB.NET 2008 / .NET 2.0-3.5

Note: If you get a BadImageFormatException you need to set the target plattform from "Any CPU" to "x86".
This option you find in the project settings (right click to "Tutorial" in project overview Visual Studio). Then you choose the "Build" tabular of the project settings. There you find the target plattform option.


Simply download the zip file and open it. It contains a Visual Studio solution all ready to use. It includes all the necessary .dll files, media files and the project configuration. All you have to do is edit the Tutorial code file according to the tutorial's instructions.


The source code of the Tutorial framework is also available here.

Other Uses

The tutorials framework is also a convenient base for prototyping. (e.g. to make tests with Ogre basics like ManualObjects, Overlays, etc.)

It's possible to disable the Ogre configuration window, which splashes for each start. Details you find here.