Mogre Tutorials        
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Intermediate Tutorials

These tutorials each cover a specific aspect of using Ogre. Note that these are kept as simple as possible. In some cases, good Object Oriented design is discarded for the sake of simplicity and clarity (though I will always try to point these design flaws out). From these tutorials you should try to learn what is being taught without becoming attached to the form in which it is presented.
Image Attention: The tutorials of OgreDotNet could run with Mogre. Maybe you have to edit some code, but this should be much more easy than porting Ogre C++ code. If a tutorial runs without changing, please add a comment to the list. If it works after some changes, please give the code back to the community. Create an article and link it. Or the most easy way: send the plain code lines to me (Beauty) and I will add it. C# Tutorials
VB.NET Tutorials