Maya Exporter        

Maintained by: bisco
Project: OGRE Main Project (MayaExport)
Type: Plug-in
Supported Versions: Maya 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2018
Sources: OGRECave/maya-exporter
Status and bug reports: OGRECave/maya-exporter

This is the plugin for exporting from Maya to OGRE mesh and skeleton formats.

Maya 2011 - 2012 exporter for Windows

  1. Download a pre-built .rar file from Media fire
  2. Follow the instructions in INSTRUCTIONS.txt

Maya 6.5 - 2008 exporter for Windows

  1. Download a pre-built .zip file from the tools page
  2. Copy the contents of the \mel folder and OgreXMLConverter and related files into DRIVE:\My Documents\maya\VERSION\scripts
  3. Edit your userSetup.mel file and add the line "source OgreExporter"
  4. Start Maya and go to Preferences->Plug-Ins and check the OgreExporter.mll box (Autoload it if you'd like too. There should now be an Ogre menu

Maya 6 exporter for Windows

  1. Build exporter linking with the libs for the maya version you are using. You can find those inside $path\Alias\MayaX.X\include and $path\Alias\MayaX.X\lib directories.
  2. Copy Ogrenew/Tools/MayaExport/exporter/lib/release/ogreExport.mll to Alias/MayaX.X/bin/plug-ins/
  3. Copy Ogrenew/Tools/MayaExport/mel/exporter/*.* to Alias/MayaX.X/scripts/others/
  4. Start Maya
  5. Type ogreExporter at the commandline to start the exporter, or get it from the HotBox of Maya.

If you want to use the option in the exporter to automagically create binary meshes, then you must have the standard OgreXmlConverter.exe in the path.