Maya Animation Exporter        

Author: Omek Interactive (released to the community under the New BSD License)
Project: OGRE Add-on Project (mayaextras/mayaAnimExporter)
Type: Plug-in
Documentation: ReadMe
Sources: OGRE Addons CVS
Binaries: OGRE Addons Downloads Area
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forum Thread


This Maya Plug-in exports the selected node's animation curves to an anim xml file.
Select any number of nodes in outliner window, and their animation curves will be
written to the anim xml file when the command below is invoked. The anim file is a simple
xml file that can be easily read and rendered by Ogre (see sample code).


exportSceneNodeAnim "d:/output.anim"

Building from source

In order to build the plug-in, you need TinyXML (and the Maya API, of course). After building the project, copy the mll file to your Maya Plug-ins dir, and run the command.