Giles Exporter        

Author: walaber
Project: OGRE Add-On Project (gilesexporter)
Type: Plug-in
Documentation: ReadMe
Sources: OGRE Addons CVS
Binaries: Download
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread
External Links:, Giles Website

Exporter for the Gile[s] global illumination tool - that's a tool which lights a scene realistically offline, calculating soft shadows and interreflections, and saving that information into lightmaps. A .rar archive containing the necessary files for copying into the Giles folder and subfolder(s) is attached to this page.

Gile[s] scene is exported into a single binary .mesh file (and .material) for use with the OGRE engine.


  • Automatically fixes mask textures to work with Ogre by adding alpha channels.
  • Option to copy all scene textures to destination directory.