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Wiki -Material
Wiki Create outline around a character
Wiki Getting Started With Ogre CG Materials Step by step guide for setting up some very basic CG materials in Ogre
Wiki Line 3D A fine code snippet to create a line in 3D space
Wiki Loading Image from Disk
Wiki MadMarx Tutorial 7 Basic Material - Part 1
Wiki MadMarx Tutorial 8 Basic Material - Part 2
Wiki Manual Resource Loading How to load your data without using Ogre's file format.
Wiki MaterialEditor Documentation of the GSoC 2007 project 'Material Editor'
Wiki MOGRE Line 3D
Wiki Per renderable transparency Changing the material properties of a mesh without affecting other meshes using the same material
Wiki Reloading materials and parsing material scripts Ogre helper methods to reload all the materials found in a material script
Wiki Saving dynamic textures Saving the contents of a rendertarget to disk
Wiki SoC2007 MaterialEditor Material Editor - GSoC 2007
Wiki Yaose