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Wiki Circle3D Drawing Circles in 3D
Wiki Create Tetrahedron with MOGRE
Wiki Intermediate Tutorial 4 Box Selection and Building Objects Manually
Wiki IteratedFractal Using ManualObjects as Point Sprites to create a Pickover attractor
Wiki Line 3D A fine code snippet to create a line in 3D space
Wiki MadMarx Tutorial 3 ManualObject Quad
Wiki MadMarx Tutorial 4 ManualObject to Mesh
Wiki ManualObject A class for easy creation of custom 2D/3D objects by code
Wiki ManualObject 2D Demonstrates an easy way to use ManualObject for creating 2D overlays
Wiki MOGRE GeneratingAGrid
Wiki MOGRE Intermediate Tutorial 4
Wiki MOGRE Line 3D
Wiki Mogre Procedural Geometry Library A library to create 3D objects
Wiki Read raw data from ManualObject - MOGRE
Wiki TerrainMeshDecal Using a mesh decal to show a marker on the terrain for terrain selection