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Wiki 3DSMax MountNodeSet Exporter
Wiki ATI nmf Exporter
Wiki Blender 2.5 Exporter
Wiki Blender dotScene Exporter Fixed the link to the bad, non working .scene exporter in SVN directory.
Wiki Blender Exporter
Wiki Blender to Ogre
Wiki DeleD Exporter
Wiki LEXIExporter
Wiki LightWave to OGRE
Wiki MDL2Mesh
Wiki oFusion
Wiki OGRE Exporters
Wiki OgreMax Scene Exporter
Wiki RmOgreExporter
Wiki Sketchup Exporter
Wiki SoC2006 RmExporter RmOgreExporter v2 , FxOgreExporter - GSoC 2006
Wiki SoC2006 XSITool Tool for one-step solution for artists - GSoC 2006
Wiki TrueSpace Exporter