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Wiki GSoC Development Advices How to become a succesful Google Summer of Code student
Wiki SoC2006 BillboardClouds Billboard Clouds - GSoC 2006
Wiki SoC2006 Instancing Instancing, Crowd Rendering - GSoC 2006
Wiki SoC2006 RmExporter RmOgreExporter v2 , FxOgreExporter - GSoC 2006
Wiki SoC2006 SceneManagement Scene Management - GSoC 2006
Wiki SoC2006 Shadows Extending, Demo-ing, and Documenting the Shadow Mapping System - GSoC 2006
Wiki SoC2006 XSITool Tool for one-step solution for artists - GSoC 2006
Wiki SoC2007 Animation High level animation control plugin (including IK support - GSoC 2007
Wiki SoC2007 Emulation Emulating Lesser Hardware Capabilities -GSoC 2007
Wiki SoC2007 MaterialEditor Material Editor - GSoC 2007
Wiki SoC2007 Memory Custom Memory Heaps and Object Allocators - GSoC 2007
Wiki SoC2007 ScriptCompilers Advanced Script Compilers - GSoC 2007
Wiki SoC2008 GeometryShaders Geometry Shader Support - GSoC 2008
Wiki SoC2008 LOD Different LOD Strategies - GSoC 2008
Wiki SoC2008 MotionSynth Motion Synthesis based character animation - GSoC 2008
Wiki SoC2008 OgreCollada Implement Skeletal Animation for OgreCollada - GSoC 2008
Wiki SoC2009 Compositor Improving the Compositor Framework - GSoC 2009
Wiki SoC2009 Samples Unified Samples Framework & Browser - GSoC 2009
Wiki SoC2011 Dual Quaternion Skinning
Wiki SoC2011 Terrain Paging Improvements
Wiki SoC2011 Visual Unit Testing Framework
Wiki SummerOfCode2006 Ogre's participation in Google Summer of Code 2006
Wiki SummerOfCode2007 Ogre's participation in Google Summer of Code 2007
Wiki SummerOfCode2008 Ogre's participation in Google Summer of Code 2008
Wiki SummerOfCode2009 Ogre's participation in Google Summer of Code 2009