Ogre Particle Lab        

Ogre Particle Lab is a particle editor for the Ogre ParticleFX plugin, using QT for the graphical user interface.

Author: akem321

help For questions and suggestions use this forum topic.


  • All Ogre3D (v 1.6) default particle features availables: attributes, emitters and affectors
  • Reload resources, materials/textures and particle scripts at runtime
  • Pause/resume particles
  • Friendly camera
  • Camera tab (change background color, texture or FOV)
  • Light tab (useful for shader based particle effects)
  • Stereoscopic view parallel, crosseye or Anaglyph (using F1, F2, F3)


Most of the time parameters are linked to 2 widgets, for example a knob (or slider) and a text input, so if the first one is too limited in range or if the setup is not appropriate you can still enter the numeric value directly.
Many controls have tooltips based on the Ogre Manual.

Screenshots & video

Screenshot_OgreParticleLab_1 Screenshot_OgreParticleLab_2
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Get version 0.999 of the project here.
Alternative direct download link here.

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