MogreBuilder         Tool to build Mogre automatically
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The MogreBuilder is a nice tool to build Mogre automatically.
It downloads all needed sources, performs the complex wrapping process and build Ogre/Mogre.


Before usage you just need to install:

Note: Some further Ogre depencies will be downloaded automatically.

Step by step

  • Download MogreBuilder source and compile (download)
  • Look to the file readMe.txt to see which depencies have to be installed (Can be more than listed on this wiki page)
  • Create an empty working directory and set the command line parameter in project properties. e.g. C:\Mogre
  • Setup the config file if required. There is a Default.cfg as an example.

You can specify a different config file using the command line options:

MogreBuilder.exe C:\Mogre -config myConfig.cfg

The auto-builder should now ran successfully.
(Be patient during the repository cloning tasks at the first usage.)

Info Please give feedback in the MogreBuilder forum topic (here).
If there are problems, tell it. (Consider to use the "Snipping Tool" of Windows 7 for easy screenshot creation. Just type "snipp" into the search field of the start menu.)

Build Debug version of Mogre

Sometimes it's useful to have a debug version of Mogre. Then you can debug even inside of wrapped C++ Ogre files.
For this open your MogreBuilder config file (e.g. Default.cfg) and then change the value of "BuildConfiguration" to Debug.

BuildConfiguration = "Debug";

When you use these files for Debugging, keep in mind to update the "plugins.cfg" file.
The name of the plug-ins needs a "_d" prefix.

Change "Plugin_OctreeZone.dll" to "Plugin_OctreeZone_d.dll"

Additionally it's important to keep all Ogre/Mogre source files on your hard drive. (don't delete them)

See also

MogreBuilder development blog by Zarifus:

  • Part 1 - Building Amirabiri's command line version
  • Part 2 - Getting it into the bitbucket repository, taking a look at McDonte's GUI and testing the
  • Part 3 - Finishing the command line version, fixing the patch issue, running from a config file (new binaries included)
  • Part 4 - Including Terrain and Paging, Cygon's improvements and automatic version updating (binaries and samples included)


Special thanks to:

  • Amirabiri - Creator of the MogreBuilder project (started in 2011)
  • McDonte - Continued the development (e.g. added a GUI with many options)
  • Zarifus - Solved remaining problems, finished the development (in 2012) and added support for terrain/paging component and add-ons
  • Beauty - Continued the development (started in March 2012)
  • Caprico - Further improvement (e.g. the latest Ogre depencies will be downloaded/compiled by source) (started in June 2012)