Mogre SDK development        

This page should support the development of the Mogre SDK.

The SDK should be user friendly, especially for newcomers.

help For questions and suggestions use this forum thread

About the SDK

It should:

  • check for installed Mogre depencies
  • offer installation of needed depencies
  • install the Mogre SDK (in best case without need of manual system changes)
  • contain different libraries
  • contain sample applications

Currently related to Mogre 1.6.4

Download of the MOGRE SDK 1.6.4 Beta Installer in this forum post.

Current Mogre maintainer: GantZ

Current SDK developer: kwertz


The SDK related stuff is available on this google code project.

Direct SVN link:

It contains:

  • demo starter
  • depency checkers
  • installer
  • sdk_fs ??

Ask user Kwertz to get write access.

The installer

The SDK installer contains:

The installed folder contains the following files and folders:

  • D: bin - Contains the MOGRE binaries (debug and release)
  • D: includes - Contains the include files to compile plugins against MOGRE
  • D: Lib - Contains the static library files of MOGRE
  • D: Media - Contains the media files required to run the MOGRE demos which can be compiled with the "BuildSamples.cmd" command script (see below)
  • D: Samples - Contains the source code of the MOGRE samples
  • BuildSamples.cmd - Lets you build the MOGRE samples with only one click :-)
  • BuildSamplesX86.cmd - The same as above, but explicitly for 32-bit processors. Try this, if you get a "FileNotFoundException" or a "BadImageFormatException".
  • ChangeLog.txt - This is the change log
  • License.html - Contains the LGPL license text
  • MOGRE SDK.url - This is a link to the MOGRE homepage
  • MogreSamples.sln - The solution containing the sample projects
  • ReadMe.txt - This provides an overview of the MOGRE SDK. Read it!

If i install the SDK, then use the build.bat it builds everything, and i can then run the exe's directly from the release dir.

You can also download the installer script (Inno Setup, not NSIS) on this sourceforge page.

Example applications

These example applications are currently included:

  • BSP
    • TODO: include a text that the user can move by WASD and turn by mouse
  • CameraTrack
  • CelShading
  • Compositor
  • Dot3Bump
  • EnvMapping
  • ExampleApplication
  • Fresnel
  • MogreForm
  • SkeletalAnimation
  • TextureFX
  • Transparency

TODO: Add Examples from wiki:

Good would be to add the Mogre wiki tutorials to the project, including

(And add a readme.txt file to inform the user about the related wiki page. And he should report problems in the forum)

All basic tutorials can be downloaded here.

They are runnable for Mogre 1.4 (hosted by smiley80). Maybe it's easy to update them to Mogre 1.6.

TODO: Add examples of user smiley80:

Download here

  • BezierPatch
  • Lighting
  • ParticleFX
  • RenderToTexture
  • SkyBox
  • SkyDome
  • SkyPlane
  • Smoke
  • Terrain

TODO examples:

The demo starter

User Beauty suggest to create the demo starter like this:

  • each sample is a stand alone application with its own subdirectory
  • the dll files (Mogre and Add-ons) are only in MogreSDK/bin (instead of the sample directories)
  • we use a starter application for the demos
    • Button for checking the Mogre depencies (but don't check for .NET - so we can write the starter in C# - The .NET check should only be done by the SDK installer, not by the demo starter)
    • Button for compile the demos
    • List with all available demos (including Mogre tutorial projects)
    • Short description for the selected demo (e.g. what it shows and which keys can be used)
    • Preview picture (nice to have, but not needed. Can be stored in an image file of the demo subdirectory.)
    • Links (e.g. to Mogre forum, Mogre wiki page, Mogre tutorials)
  • use an XML config file for the demo starter
    • XML is easy to parse with XML libraries of .NET
    • contains all informations about each demo

Here is my proposal for the config file:
(in an editor with syntax highlighting its looking nicer)

        <name>Fog demo</name>
        <description>Demostrate fog modes. Use space to switch.</description>

Mogre dependencies

Needed downloads for Mogre 1.6.x:

  • Special runtime libraries are needed. Install one of these downloads:

In the binary directory of your application you need:

... TODO: improve text ...

  • VC++ 2008 redist + OgreMain.dll
  • RenderSystem_Direct3D9.dll needs the DirectX 9.0c redist (I believe, March 2009 is sufficient)
  • RenderSystem_GL.dll needs some -OpenGL dlls which should come with the driver of your graphics card
  • Plugin_CgProgramManager.dll needs cg.dll
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0

Find unknown dependencies:

You can use Reflector for managed and Dependency Walker for native dependencies.

The Assembly Binding Log Viewer should show any bind failures (at least for managed assemblies).


make lists for

  • dependencies for developers (Visual Studio with all updates etc.)
  • dependencies for end users (vcredist instead of VS - works only for bin/release)
  • dependencies for building Mogre

also update the dependencies on related pages:

Here are possibly needed download links:

Known problems



Building Mogre

Sll you need to wrap ogre and build mogre is on the svn.

Follow the instructions of this forum thread. Also look to Building MOGRE 1.6 from source.

Set the "Platform target" to "Any CPU" and the "Output Path" to "..\..\bin\release\"

Building the SDK

  • autowrap Ogre
  • use of the Mogre XML commentation tool to create Mogre comments for Visual Studio
  • maybe by existence of a specific dll file?

Todo list

  • How to find out if a DirectX Redistributable package is installed? (and which version)
    • dxdiag.exe shows no information about (Microsoft DirectX diagnosis programm, is included by WinXP (Vista/7?))
    • Maybe include the DirectX web installer

Dependency checker/installer


It would be nice to have a C++ application that checks which dependencies are still installed and which ones are missing.

The application should show an overview to the user and offer the possiblility to install them (or show download links for it).

The advantage of a plain C++ application is: It shurely can be run, because all dependencies are still in Windows.

This checker application could be used for:

  • including to the SDK
  • including to shipped Ogre applications (end user installer)
  • help to solve problems if Mogre applications doesn't work

Useful things

Graphic card drivers

The installer should remind to update the driver of graphic card (and show links of related download pages):

Visual C++ 200x Redistributable

Check if vcredist is installed:

Search in this path of registry
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x86 9.0.21022 (ignore version number on search)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable
vcredist 2005 maybe is needed for dll file created by Visual Studio 2005

Maybe on other Windows versions it's different.

.NET Framework Installer for InnoSetup

Look to this page on


A boostrapper doesn't replace tools like InstallShield, Wise, Visual Studio Setup and Deployment Project or Wix. The goal is to create an application to help users with installing the correct prerequisites. Most real world applications need to install several components to work properly, including Windows Service Packs, Internet Explorer, MDAC or .NET Framework. This kind of applications are most commonly known as bootstrappers. dotNetInstaller is such a bootstrapper.

This is also interesting for shipping Mogre applications.


checker by user smiley80

Command line tool, written with FreeBasic.

It does:

  • registry check for .NET
  • file check for DirectX
  • file check for VCRedist (VC++ 2008 SP1 Redist)

Tested with:

  • Win XP, 32bit
  • Win 7, 64bit

Download: (source, exe)

Example output:
.Net Framework 2.0 found.
DirectX 9.0c (March 2009) found.
VC++ 2008 SP1 Redist not found.
Press any key to continue.

checker by user kwertz

Command line tool, written with C++.

It does:

  • check for the .NET Framework 2.0.50727.
  • If .NET is installed, the managed C# GUI application is called.
  • If .NET is not installed, the application will show a Windows message box asking the user if he would like to install .NET. If he clicks 'Yes', the .NET Framework installer is called. (see source code)

(source, exe)

netchecker.exe <MOGRE sample GUI executable> <dotnetfx.exe|dotnetfx35setup.exe>

checker 2 by user kwertz

Full dependency checker, written with PureBasic.

It does:

  • Check for Mogre 1.6.x depencies
  • If one dependency is missing, a message box is shown asking the user if he likes to download the dependency.
  • It takes the path to the managed executable as the only command line parameter.

(source, exe)

Alias: Mogre_SDK_development