Mogre MyGUI wrapper        


With the Mogre MyGUI wrapper it's possible to use the MyGUI system by Mogre.

mstoyke wrote:
I'm currently using a slightly extended version of MyGUI with their C++/CLI wrapper. It's a very good GUI system and the .NET bindings work very well. You can even use their layout editor and use the GUI layouts easily. I'm too busy right now to write detailed instructions on how to get it work but I can offer to post a patch in unified diff format with my changes and some lines of example code.

More information you find at the MyGUI website

Ogre related information you find in the MyGUI forum (section of the Ogre forum).
Related to the Mogre wrapper there is a special forum topic: Managed MyGUI

Info For Mogre related questions you can open a thread in the Mogre forum. Additionally you could invite user mstoyke to answer. (Please don't discuss by message - do it in public so that it helps other people, too.)



The source code you can get in the download area of the MyGUI website.
The Mogre/.NET wrapper is part of the MyGUI project and can be found in the MyGUI repository.

Additionally look to the binary download section. It contains the Mogre wrapper, dependencies, demos and the layout editor.

I also packed a workable MyGUI wrapper for MOGRE 1.7.1, here is the download link: MediaFire download or you can extract the full MOGRE libraries (including Physx, MyGUI) from my Billardgames: Github Repository


Tubulii wrote:

I am using MyGui in my mogre app successfully. It wasn't hard, anything you need is here and here(all for Mogre 1.6.5.)
The second one is optional, but there is one file you need: export.vs . This codefile contains some functions to init and destroy MyGui. I never tried to use the MOGREframework in that package, I used the one in the Wiki. Some classes aren't wrapped, but all basic things seams to work fine.
(Quoted from this forum post in January 2010)

First of all, we need to create a class called "Export" which will import some necessary functions from "MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export.dll"

public class Export
        #region Export
        [DllImport("MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
        private static extern void Export_CreateGUI();
        [DllImport("MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
        private static extern void Export_DestroyGUI();
        [DllImport("MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
        private static extern void Export_SetRenderWindow([MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPStr)] string _name);
        [DllImport("MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
        private static extern void Export_SetSceneManager([MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPStr)] string _name);
        [DllImport("MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
        private static extern void Export_SetActiveViewport(int _index);

        public static void CreateGUI()
        public static void DestroyGUI()

        public static void SetRenderWindow(RenderWindow _renderWindow)

        public static void SetSceneManager(SceneManager _sceneManager)

        public static void SetActiveViewport(int _index)

and then, in your ui creation code part, we need to create the GUI firstlty:

Export.SetActiveViewport(Viewport ID, set 0 to be a first viewport);

After creating the GUI, you can create any widgets as you want

When you want to destroy the GUI, make sure you use the following code:


Wrapper details

The MyGUI repository has the directory Wrappers. This contains several subdirectories. For some we know the meaning:

  • MyGUI.Export (C++): . . . . Exports all needed functions of the native MyGui
  • MyGUI.Sharp: . . . . A C# Wrapper of MyGui (needs file MyGui.export)
    • The depencies are MyGUIEngine.dll and MyGui.export.dll (and .NET)
    • For Mogre is only an indirect depency: You need Mogre for creating MyGui.export.dll
  • MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export(C++): . . . . Exports all needed functions of the native MyGui
  • MyGUI.Managed: . . . . A CLI/C++ Wrapper (needs MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export)

MyGui.managed and seems to be equal. Maybe the C# one is a port of the managed one and not a build from scratch.

The original post from Altren:

Altren wrote:

Hello from MyGUI project! We have implemented generator wrappers for the library. Generator parsed data from doxygen, and with the help of templates, performs the generation of wrappers. At the moment there are templates for C# and Managed C++. It is also possible to setup generator for other languages if the need arises.

1. C# - MyGUI.Export.dll (exported functions) + MyGUI.Sharp.dll (wrapper using P/Invoke)
2. Managed C++ - MyGUI.Managed.dll (wrapper using CLR)


1. Download MyGUI and compile it with same Ogre version and with same visual studio as Mogre was built with (also MYGUI_BUILD_WRAPPER option in CMake should be enabled). See also
2. Compile MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export(_d).dll
3. Generate Managed wrapper (to do this run WrapperGenerator that comes with MyGUI -> (in app select one by one)Generate Solution, Doxygen, Managed).
4. Compile MyGUI.Managed.dll in newly generated solution.
5. In Mogre add MyGUI.Managed.dll as referecnce
6. Use MyGUI initialisation from MyGUI.OgrePlatform.Export(_d).dll

Whole post:

Note: It seems that with .Net 4 the wrapper does not work anymore. The OgrePlattform.Export.dll ist not found (although its in the same directory). An workaround would be to merge it with the main wrapper project and so totally avoid all P/Invoke calls.

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