Minimal Ogre Collision        

Author: Nauk
Website: MOC - Minimal Ogre Collission
Type: OGRE Library
Supported Platforms: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows
Sources: Google Code
Binaries: MOC Demo
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forum Thread

MOC is a easy to integrate and lightweight collision detection library. It is based on the wiki article "Raycasting to the polygon level".

Note: For a newer lightweight version, have a look at "New MOC" in the links section below.


For Mogre a C# port of MOC is available, called MMOC.

Differences to original:

  • Raycast methods return a class with the results (position, entity, distance) instead of a bool
  • Changed the MouseEvent param in RaycastFromCamera to Vector2 (mouse position)


Alias: Minimal_Ogre_Collision