Every Ogre application has its own bottleneck’s. To explore what’s worth your time and energy to optimize in your Ogre application you should follow some general ideas from this Intel’s article that shows you how to optimize different Ogre applications. (You may also need to tune the graphics side, GPU optimization, for this consult the ATI web site http://www.ATI.com or the NVidia web sites http://www.NVidia.com that has simular kind of tools and documents for graphics processors).

Here is the Intel article on CPU side optimization. http://intel.com/cd/ids/developer/asmo-na/eng/254761.htm?page=1

"Before you talk about poor performance make sure you optimized you application."

Then don't forget to optimize on the graphic processor side as well. There is a lot of articles and tools at www.nvidia.com http://www.nvidia.com and www.ati.com http://www.ati.com

NVidias performance hud application is really good and you can use DirectX Pix with NVidia and ATI connections.

Do not optimize something before you know where to optimize it can just be a waste of your time.