Glue Editor         simple scene editor for ogre projects


Glue Editor Lite

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An easy to use Ogre scene editor for Windows.

Designed to make it easier to create scenes for Ogre3D and load them into your game. You can then use the editor to layout the entities in your scene then export in the DotScene format and load it into your game.

The project uses Mogre and .NET WinForms for the core implementation, but that does not limit it's use to Mogre projects only. You can also use the editor to create scenes for any Ogre related project. Currently the only reason it's tied to Ogre is because it uses the mesh format.


For a couple of years I worked on a scene editor for Ogre and Mogre projects in my spare time. To keep the project alive I decided to greatly simplify the scope to a basic scene editor, something that I could achieve in a few months work. This is how the Lite version was born. The current version of the editor is a working scene editor that exports to the DotScene format and it is open source so you can use it as a base to build upon.

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