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  • NestedTransparentSurfaces (Relevance: 1)
    Nesting transparent surfaces I thought about this today (someone asked it on IRC) and I think it is an interesting idea to have multiple transparent 'shells' nested within each other (an example is multiple transparent spheres, or a space
  • Mogre Basic Tutorial VB 3 (Relevance: 1)
    Beginner Tutorial 3: Terrain, Sky, Fog, and the Root object Original version by Clay Culver Ported to VB.NET by Aeauseth Any problems you encounter while working with this tutorial should be posted to the Mogre Forums. Table of cont
  • OgreDotNet Basic Tutorial 3 (Relevance: 1)
    Beginner Tutorial 3: Terrain, Sky, Fog, and the Root object Original version by Clay Culver C# tutorial copied from original and code updated by DigitalCyborg Note: This was written for Ogre 1.2, and is known to compile against it. If
  • Syntax highlighting for Crimson (Relevance: 1)
    Get and Install Crimson Editor. Put the following 3 files on the correct places:   SiENcE: not all keywords are in, but it should be better than nothing. feel free to add keywords.   material.key [-COMMENT-:GLOBAL] # O
  • PyOgre Beginner Tutorial 3 (Relevance: 1)
    Beginner Tutorial 3: Terrain, Sky, Fog, and the Root object Original version by Clay Culver Note: This was written for PyOgre 1.0.5, and is known to work with it. If this is not the current version of PyOgre and something is not working
  • GSoC Legacy Project Ideas (Relevance: 1)
    General This page lists some old/legacy GSoC project ideas that the team has come up with over the years via brainstorming sessions. Those ideas can either be important parts from the Help Requested wiki page that the team deemed manageabl
  • Paging Scene Manager config files (Relevance: 1)
    Table of contentsIntroduction Map Selection Configuration maptools.cfg paginglandscape2.cfg Terrain map specification Common options for both config files Map definition Map Splitter Configuration Heightmap definition DataSource Texturing R
  • Paging Scene Manager Option (Relevance: 1)
    Using setOption / getOption Mechanism, you can use the PLSM2 in a way more advanced way, here's the option documented : Table of contentssetOption Terrain Position Terrain Selection Texture Mode Selection Terrain Modifications Brush Setup
  • Edge techniques (Relevance: 1)
    Table of contentsOverview In Art The Extra Dimensions Edge Detection Edge Drawing Overview Edge techniques in non-photorealistic (NPR) rendering serve the purposes of both defining boundaries between two objects, or two remotely connect
  • SoC2013 DirectX11 & Tesselation Sample (Relevance: 1)
    Project information Discussion thread: Mercurial repository: List of tasks This is the first list. As I will arrive to t
  • Brain Damage part 2 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics (Relevance: 1)
    One more time Or Multi-pass techniques And Other stuff   Table of contentsOne more time Or Multi-pass techniques And Other stuff Multi-pass techniques It’s Broken! First Outline Drawbacks A better solution Additive lighting Th
  • Native Rendersystem Calls (Relevance: 1)
    How do use native OpenGL and Direct3D calls inside Ogre by Assaf Raman- /* ----------------------------- This source file is part of OGRE (Object-oriented Graphics Rendering
  • Brain Damage part 1 - JaJDoo Shader Guide - Basics (Relevance: 1)
    Do that thing again! Or All sorts of pass properties   Table of contentsDo that thing again! Or All sorts of pass properties Here it comes The subjects Culling Code In OGRE Color channels In OGRE Blending What is? Alpha blend vs col
  • Heightmap to Mesh by MOGRE (Relevance: 1)
    This is a code snippet for Mogre which you can use to generate a mesh by a grayscaled Height Map image. It's useful to load a terrain as mesh and was done by user noferat. This code is a modification of the snippet Generating A Mesh. &
  • -Frustum (Relevance: 1)
    A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R&
  • Coding and Design philosophy (Relevance: 1)
    Table of contentsClass inheritence Custom objects Scene managers Scene definition Main loop/Initialisation - A quick guide to some design issues. What to use when. Please contribute! Class inheritence
  • Mogre New Basic Tutorial 3 (Relevance: 1)
    Tutorial Introduction In this tutorial we will be exploring how to manipulate terrain, sky, and fog in your Mogre applications. After this tutorial you should understand the differences between Skyboxes, Skyplanes, and Skydomes, and be a
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering (Relevance: 1)
    This is the start of the Non-Photorealistic Rendering series of articles. The other articles are: Edge techniques Artistic media overlay Table of contentsOverview Common Challenges Post-Processing vs. Direct Techniques The Mi
  • -BSP (Relevance: 1)
    A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R&
  • Sharing buffers (Relevance: 1)
    Table of contents //; Many times you have a large mesh made up of vertex and index data that you want to "chunk" into several smaller meshes for use in -LOD or simple frustrum culling. Such as with terrain data. In these cases
  • OceanFog (Relevance: 1)
    Table of contentsOcean Fog What's the use? Modeling the SeaBox and Ocean surface SeaBox Ocean Surface Reverse Ocean Surface Materials and shaders SeaBox Material and fog_override Ocean Surface Material Reverse Ocean Surface Material MyOcean
  • ShoggothNotes (Relevance: 1)
    Welcome to the ChangeLog and porting notes for OGRE 1.6.0 "Shoggoth" H.P. Lovecraft wrote:"It was a terrible, indescribable thing vaster than any subway train – a shapeless congerie of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly self-l
  • libRocket (Relevance: 1)
    × Plugin disabledPlugin file cannot be executed. libRocket is an open source C++ interface for 3D applications. It is based on HTML and CSS specifications and covers most features of modern web browsers. A full set of widge
  • Hardware Occlusion Query (Relevance: 1)
    Table of contentsLens Flares Transparent Billboard Material Script Example Animation Calculating Max Pixel Count Square Peg Round Hole HOQ Methods Extend SceneManger - Custom Scene Manager CustomSceneManager.h CustomSceneManager.cpp CustomS
  • Frustum Culling In Object Space (Relevance: 1)
    Sometimes you want to do your own frustum culling and you may want to do that culling in object space instead of world space. If you don't know what I mean by object space then it should be enough for you to imagine if you picked an object
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