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SoC2006 BillboardClouds         Billboard Clouds - GSoC 2006

Student: Mats Leksell (swx)

Mentor: Andres Carrera (Lioric)

Status: Experimental, obtain it from ogreaddons/billboardclouds


The concept of billboard clouds were introduced by Xavier Décoret et al as a way of simplifying a complex model to a small number of view independent billboards while preserving the visible quality of the output.

More information can be found here:

Billboard Clouds for Extreme Model Simplification

Forest rendering


Create an easy to use library for creating a billboard cloud from an input mesh.


Implemented a simpler plane selection algorithm
( as described here: )

Implemented an image packing algorithm
Implemented texture generation
Implemented normal map generation
Implemented the plane selection using density grid

I've implemented the plane selection procedure described in Image-Based Rendering of Forests

Currently working on

Working on optimizing the selection procedure.