RapidXML Dotscene Loader         Dotscene loader using RapidXML

Image This is a dotscene loader based on RapidXML.

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This dotscene loader is based on New DotScene Loader but uses RapidXML instead of TinyXML.
It also implements a simple Ogre terrain loader.

RapidXML is very similar to TinyXML in use, but it's only a single header - and thus extremely lightweight.


The Code

see OGRECave/DotSceneFormat(external link)

Sample Use

Add the two files above to your project, along with rapidxml.hpp, and then it's just a matter of calling parseDotScene:

DotSceneLoader loader;
   loader.parseDotScene("SampleScene2.xml","General", mSceneMgr);

Info The loader assumes that the scene is in your Ogre resource locations.

That's it.

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