Mogre SDK old releases        

If you need any old release of Mogre SDK then you can find it here.

You can also go to Mogre Sourceforge releases(external link)
or the home of MogreSDK on What's the difference??

MogreSDK 1.6.5 (beta r49)(external link)

MOGRE 1.4.8 SDK installer(external link)

MOGRE 1.4.6 SDK for VC8.0 SP1(external link)

Discussion thread(external link)

MOGRE 0.2.3 Lite + OGRE 1.4.5 SDK installer(external link)

MOGRE 0.2.3 Lite + OGRE 1.4.5 SDK installer with Unicode Support(external link)

(mogre 0.2.3 Lite Does NOT include media and samples, for the moment use the ones on the Mogre 0.2.2 installer)

MOGRE 0.2.2 + OGRE 1.4.3 SDK installer(external link)

MOGRE 0.2.0 + OGRE 1.4.0 SDK installer(external link) (ChangeLog)


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