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Artist & Content Creation Tutorials

These tutorials are for the 3D Artist in all of us. Here you can learn how to create levels, models, and textures for your games. Look at the Assembling a production pipeline page to learn about DCC tools and exporters, or DCC Resources for external links.

Tutorials on a wide variety of topics about 3D modeling: exporting content to OGRE, animating, texturing, etc.

Materials and Shaders
Tutorials about OGRE materials and OGRE compatible shaders.

  • Materials: Glass, Steel, Bump map, etc .material examples.
  • Faking HDR: How to achieve HDR on non-HDR-capable hardware.
Creating textures.

World design
These tutorials cover specific aspects on the art of creating virtual worlds: terrain generation, skyboxes, level design, etc.

Level Design
Tutorials on texture-based fonts used in OGRE.

  • Outlined Fonts: How to create nice outlined fonts for use with Ogre
  • Image Based Fonts?: How to use image based fonts in OGRE - uncomplete

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