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VisualStudio - Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE. The most widely spread IDE for several programming languages such as C++/CLI, C#, J# (till 2005) and VisualBasic, as well as several web-programming languages in the WebDeveloper version. The current version is Visual Studio 2010.

There is an Express Edition(external link) available for free (that may also be used commercially with no constraints) with all necessary features.
For C++ development, use Microsoft® Visual C++® 2010 Express, also known as Visual C++ 10.0 (VC10).

Visual C++ 2010 VC10
Visual C++ 2008 VC9
Visual C++ 2005 VC8
Visual C++ 2003 VC7.1
Visual C++ 2002 VC7.0

See also: VisualStudio (Wikipedia)(external link)


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