OgreXmlConverter - The OgreXmlConverter is a command-line tool that can convert binary .mesh and .skeleton files to {LEX()}XML{LEX} and back again. It is a very useful tool for debugging the contents of {LEX()}mesh{LEX}es, or for exchanging mesh data easily. Many of the modeller mesh exporters export to XML because it is simpler to do, and OgreXmlConverter can then produce a binary mesh from it. Other than simplicity, the other advantage is that the OgreXmlConverter can generate additional information for the mesh, like bounding regions and {LEX(pagename="LOD")}level-of-detail{LEX} reduction.

help A compiled version can be found in the Ogre Command-Line Tools.
This tool is automatically generated in folder bin\release as OgreXMLConverter.exe after you build Ogre.
However, in the 2.x, it is not exist anymore, but can still be downloaded at http://www.ogre3d.org/download/tools (near the bottom).

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