Ogre Procedural Geometry Library         A library to quickly create geometric primitives
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Ogre Procedural is a procedural geometry generation library, targeted at Ogre3D

Autor: Mikachu (Michael Broutin)
Licence: MIT License

Source code and downloads you find on the project page.
Documentation : User Manual and API Reference
If you have questions, ask in the forum.


Existing features in current release (0.2):

  • Primitives : Box, RoundedBox, Plane, Sphere, IcoSphere, Cylinder, Tube, Capsule, Cone, Torus and Torus knot
  • Extrusion
  • Lathe
  • Triangulation
  • Smooth splines by Bézier Curves (also usable for extrusion)
  • Constructive solid geometry in 2D

Planned / not yet in the official release:

  • A plug-in for the scene editor Ogitor
  • SVG import (currently without Bézier import)
  • OpenStreetMap data import
  • Object description by XML file (as alternative to source code)


Rendering of openstreetmap XML data
Rendering of openstreetmap XML data
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Downloads are available in the download section of the project page.

Precompiled binaries are provided for Visual Studio 9,10,11 and for MingW : here for the stable release, and there for nightly builds.
Source package is also available for all platforms (CMake based project files)

Usage Examples

Create a sphere:

#include "Procedural.h"

Create a pipeline:

Procedural::Path p = Procedural::BezierPath().addPoint(0,5,0).addPoint(0,4,10).addPoint(10,5,10).close().realizePath();
Procedural::Shape s = Procedural::CircleShape().setRadius(1.5).realizeShape();

Advanced example

This example shows how to create a shape by a vector graphic application and how to use it for extruding.

Create SVG shape (e.g. with Inkscape):

Load the shape and define a path:


// load inkscape .svg file into a shape:
Shape shape = Shape();
shape.loadFromSVG("inkscape-test.svg", "path2985");

// construct the spline we want to extrude along:
CatmullRomSpline3 pp;
Path line = pp.realizePath();

// extruder and mesh generation
Extruder e;

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